Dear Member,
We miss you! I know that sometimes in life we have obligations and need to prioritize our time accordingly, but I wanted to let you know personally that we miss you as member of Klub Athletik. 
I would like to take the time to remind you of the reason why you first decided to sign up. I know exercise is hard work and it is time consuming. Your body aches so why bother you might think. 
And yet there are reasons - good reasons - why people go to (and even sometimes love) the gym. 
You might wonder … What motivates them ? Why do they suffer through injuries, through misery ? And what can they teach people who don’t feel home at the gym?

So here are 6 Reasons you should start working out in the gym :
1. Because it makes you happy. You’ll feel awesome after you exercise…(remember ?) Immediately. Intensely. Unequivocally. Study after study confirms the direct relationship between exercise and an increase in feel good hormones. Other research suggests physical activity can help manage depression.
2. Because it makes your life easier. Being stronger, healthier, happier and more capable can make for a better life. Case point : Your boss needs you to lift that heavy box? Yes ma’am, you can. Your neighbour needs help arranging furniture? Damn right, buddy, you’ll move that couch. Your friend needs to be carried home from the bar? Saddle up, cowboy.
Training increases your capabilities. Thats the law of progressive overload -lift something a little bit heavier each day, get a little bit stronger.
3. Because it helps you win at life. Setting and achieving fitness goals helps you set and achieve goals in every other aspect of your life. The goal-setting/goal-accomplishing cycle is a learned trait. From a very early age, winners reinforce a simple idea: If they set their mind to something and work tirelessly towards its accomplishment, the outcome will be positive. 
The more you reinforce hard work with a positive outcome, the more you think of yourself as a winner. If we get good at winning at exercise, we can be good at winning anything. 
4. Because you care about your family and friends. I don’t want to get too sappy but the people closest to you rely on your love, energy and compassion.Mismanaging your body is a disservice to them. Taking care of your relationship with yourself is the first step toward taking care of your relationship with others. Making time for excercise isn’t selfish. Quite the opposite : It’s an act of generosity. The people around you deserve your best. The best version of you is a version that’s physically and mentally strong. 
5. Because you can. It’s easy to see exercise as a chore. Consider this instead: Exercise is a blessing. Not only do you have the knowledge and the means to exercise, you’ve been given a body that is strong as a tank, fast as a cheetah and more agile than a jackrabbit. Ok, perhaps that’s slightly overstated, but a healthy body is truly a work of art. Take inventory. If you are fortunate enough, you have :
Two strong legs that carry you anywhere you damn well please. 
Two strong arms that can lift lots of really heavy stuff.
A strong core and a strong heart and strong hands.
It all works. Every day. It works really well. When you stop and think about it, it’s baffling just how impressively well it works. Your workout is a celebration of that.
6. Because you want to feel sexy. You’re going to be hard-pressed to find someone who works out just to feel better- they want to look better too. Looking better is a perfectly fine reason to workout - and its a strong motivator. Its even better if coupled with one of the five reasons above.
I hope I was able to remind you of the key reasons you once considered when you got your membership. We still are waiting for you to come back and we won’t be giving up hope because we believe in you. So if you believe in only one of the 6 reasons above, then go, pack you gym bag, and come see us. We are more than happy to reward you with 1 free month and a free physical assessment following your return to the gym. 
I wish you all the best and I look forward to seeing you very soon. 


Donya Najjar-Lessani
General Manager